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Q. What is happening with this recall?
A. DeWALT & Stanley FAT MAX are conducting a voluntary safety recall of fiberglass                     

Q. Why are you conducting this recall?
A. We are conducting this recall to keep users of these sledgehammers safe and prevent injuries by removing the products.

Q. What is the problem with these sledgehammers?
A.  The head of the sledgehammers can loosen prematurely and detach unexpectedly during    use, posing an impact injury hazard.
Q. How can I tell if my sledgehammer is affected by the recall?
A.  The model numbers of the DeWALT hammers are marked on the hammer head. Model            numbers of the Stanley FAT MAX hammers are located on a sticker on the handle.  
If your model number is included, the sledgehammer is affected by the recall.

Model Number
2 lb Fiberglass Drilling Hammer
3 lb Fiberglass Drilling Hammer
2-1/2 lb Fiberglass Engineering Hammer
2-1/2 lb Fiberglass Blacksmith Hammer
4 lb Fiberglass Blacksmith Hammer
4lb Fiberglass Engineering Hammer
4 lb Drilling Sledgehammer - Hollow Handle
4 lb BS Sledgehammer - Hollow Handle
4 lb ENG Sledgehammer - Hollow Handle
6 lb Sledgehammer - Hollow Handle
10 lb Sledge 36"Hammer - Hollow Handle
12 lb Sledgehammer - Hollow Handle
Model Number
3 LB Drilling Hammer
4 LB Blacksmith Hammer
4 LB Engineer Hammer
6 LB FATMAX Sledgehammer
8 LB FATMAX Sledgehammer
10 LB FATMAX Sledgehammer
Model Number

Q. My hammer appears to be operating okay.  Can I continue to use it?  
No. Even though your product appears to be safe, we are asking all customers to immediately stop using it, and participate in the recall.

Q. Do I need my purchase receipt to participate in the recall?
No, we do not require your receipt.

Q. How will I be reimbursed for my product?
A. You will receive a virtual Mastercard for the value of your product.

Q. What are virtual (digital) cards?
A. A virtual, or digital card is an online hosted, digital virtual representation of any plastic card. A digital card, unlike a plastic card, doesn’t require any physical representation. Like a traditional credit, debit, or prepaid card, a virtual card allows users to purchase services or goods online.
An advantage of using virtual cards for your business is that the cardholder can use their card immediately. No need to wait for a traditional card to be sent in the mail. As soon as the card is created and funds loaded, the user will receive an email with instructions on retrieving their new card details.

Q. The benefits of virtual cards
A. Virtual cards can be generated instantly via our online managerial platform – the cardholder can then use it immediately rather than needing to wait for a physical card to be sent through the post.

Q. How does a virtual (digital) card work?
A. Your virtual prepaid Mastercard® is an online e-money card consisting of a standard card number, expiry date and CVV number, which you can retrieve at any time by choosing ‘Display Card Image’ from the cardholder dashboard.
You can use your virtual card details to make purchases online or over the phone at millions of businesses and retailers anywhere in the world. You cannot use your virtual card details to make in-person payments in a shop.

Q. Can virtual cards be used in my digital wallet?
A.  You can now use your phone to pay for goods or services with Apple or Google Pay by adding your virtual Mastercard card to your wallet™ on your Apple or Android device. This will allow you to make secure payments at any contactless terminal or where the Apple or Google Pay symbol is displayed. If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Services line Monday to Friday 9am - 5.30pm.  Telephone 0203 475 5351 

Q. Are virtual cards safe?
A.  Yes. Just like a physical card, you must keep your virtual card details safe and secret. However, with a few clicks, cardholders can suspend their account.

Q. Can the virtual cards be used for a split payment?
A. The cards are utilised in the same way you would use your bank card so split tender purchase is not available online. For customers wishing to split payments, we would advise two options, see if they can make payment over the phone in two parts or alternatively if the retailer has one available, buy a Gift Card for the value of the code and then redeem that instore or online as these can be used as part payment. 


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